Bump n’ Grind Trail

The “Bump-n-Grind” trail is probably the most popular trail in the Coachella Valley.

The best place to start your hike is on Painter Path Road behind the Desert Crossings shopping center on Highway 111 in Palm Desert CA. You can park on the street or in the shopping center parking lot.

You will take the Mike Schuler Trail up to the Bump and Grind.

As you approach the trail head you will see that you can go to the left or to the right. Either path will take you where you want to go. I like to go left because it is the steepest path up to the Bump and Grind. You can loop around on the Bump and Grind and come down the other side.

The Mike Schuler Trail is a narrow single file trail that leads you to the wider Bump and Grind that was at one time a road used by a developer who fell afoul of government regulators. The Bump and Grind leads to a wonderful vantage point that gives you a nice view of Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage and the Coachella Valley.

As I said this is a very popular trail. You will not experience solitude like some of the other Coachella Valley trails but it is an excellent workout for hikers, and those who just want to get in shape. It is also a good trail to hike for conversation because you can be two, three and in someplace four abreast.

This trail has had many names. One name is the Magnesia Falls Trail because you could start the trail off of Magnisia Falls road in Rancho Mirage. This trail is no longer accessible in Rancho Mirage – too many people going into ‘private’ neighborhoods- can’t have ‘riff-raff’ in fancy neighborhoods.

When the Mike Schuler Trail intersects with the much wider Bump and Grind continue up the hill.

Round trip up to the top and back to the parking lot is about five miles.

Be prepared and have fun.

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