Araby Trail to the Bogert Trail

I went on a hike today with my friend Randy. We left one vehicle at the Bogert Trail parking lot and drove to the Araby Trail parking lot. According to my GPS unit we traveled a bit over six miles. Our moving time was right at three hours and our stopped time was two hours and twenty minutes. Randy brought his camera and shot over 200 photos. It was a very nice hike. The temperature was in the high 60’s to low 70’s but it did get a bit windy on the top of the hill. We met some people along the way. We also found two Geocaches on the hike. There was a third but it appeared that vandals have removed it. Geocaching adds another dimension to a hike and is a lot of fun.  I’ll post a photo or two later.

This is a popular hike for people who enjoyed the work of Bob Hope or anyone who enjoys great views of the area. We parked one vehicle in the dirt parking area at the entrance to the Rimcrest/Southridge development (that’s where Bob Hope’s house is) off of Highway 111. We started up the Rimcrest/Southridge Road and the trailhead is a few feet on the left (east) side of the road – read the signs because you do not want to stray onto private property.

This trail provides great views of the Coachella Valley, and you get to hike past Bob Hope’s massive mushroom shaped house. This neighborhood also includes a house where Steve McQueen once lived and the Elrod house featured in the James Bond movie “Diamonds are Forever”.

This is not what I would call a difficult hike but the elevation gain is fairly quick so pace yourself. Continue up the trail to the Berns, Garstin and Henderson Trails. There are a lot of connecting trails on the hill and one I need to take goes to the Art Smith Trail. Be smart and bring plenty of water. Be sure to also bring some snacks to enjoy once you reach the top of the trail. My favorite is still GORP. There are plenty of rocks to sit on and enjoy the view of the Coachella Valley while you take a well-earned break.

If you would like some more photos click here.

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