Grapevine Canyon

I enjoy Off-Road Racing and I get to go to Nevada a couple of times each year. When I go to Laughlin I like to take a drive on Christmas Tree Pass and along the way there is a hiking area in Grapevine Canyon. If you like petroglyphs you will like this hike.

Petroglyphs are the billboards of the past. Grapevine canyon is a sacred area to the Yuman tribe and is part of Spirit Mountain. When I was there in January water was running in the canyon, it was cold and windy. It seems that whenever I find petroglyphs there is always a ‘space man’ image. Is it really a space man or just a better version of our stick man? I posted a second photo from the area that I’ve labeled Porpoise Rock.

To get to Grapevine Canyon from Laughlin take 164 east for about six miles and turn on to Christmas Tree Pass. You will be on a unpaved but fairly well maintained dirt road – most any vehicle will be OK – you do not need a 4 X 4. Follow the  road for about 3 miles and you will find a sign and another dirt road to the left. Drive for about 1.25 miles to the end of the road and you will see a parking area. Follow the trail sign to the canyon.

Enjoy your hike.

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