Bailey’s Cabin

Bailey’s Cabin

Baileys Cabin is in the Anza Borrego State Park in California. This park is 600,000 acres. I’ve visited the park many times but mostly the southern end. To access Bailey’s Cabin you need to go to Anza California. From Palm Desert, I take Highway 74 south to Highway 371 and into Anza. Look for Terwilliger Road and head south to Coyote Canyon Road. Stay on Coyote Canyon and you will eventually come to a T intersection with a sign pointing left to Bailey’s Cabin.

Coyote Canyon Road requires a four-wheel drive vehicle or perhaps a mountain bike powered by a very strong human. You will travel about 10 miles, mostly downhill, to the cabin. You will do some slipping and sliding, bouncing up and down, rocking back and forth – an overall fun drive. Make sure you have good equipment and adequate supplies.

We visited Bailey’s cabin on March 08, 2018, a cloudy and overcast day.

Take a look at some photos:




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