Indian Flats Campground

We took a drive on 03/18/2018 to the Indian Flats campground in the Warner Springs area. It is a nice campground, 17 sites. in the Cleveland National Forest. Realy good views of the Warner Springs Valley, Lake Henshaw, and the Palomar Mountains.

To get to the campground take Highway 79 to Warner Springs. There will be a sign for Indian Flats Campground at the bottom of Lost Valley Road. Drive north up the narrow paved road for 7 miles to the campground at the end of the road. The road is steep and winding with lots of sharp turns. The road is also torn up by the tracks of a bulldozer used to fight a fire.

The campground is closed until further notice because of a human-caused fire. Check out their website.

Here are a few photos for you:

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